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C. Tennant, Work stress and coronary heart disease,” Journal of Cardiovascular Risk, vol. B. S. McEwen, Seminars in medicine of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: protective and damaging effects of stress mediators,” The New England Journal of Medicine, vol.

The reported relation of perceived stress and age in most recent previous studies 6 , 68 was in contrast with our findings. This means that there was a positive relation between high education level and adaptive coping strategies (less affecting by stressors) and a negative relation between low education level and maladaptive coping strategies (more affecting by stressors). Such a result can be justified by the fact that married people are generally more concerned about their situations because of their responsibilities toward the family.

Majority of previous studies that studied the relation between stress and smoking have predominantly shown that smokers report higher stress levels than nonsmokers; according to the observation of higher stress in smokers versus nonsmokers, it was concluded that smoking causes stress 54 – 57. In line with our research, earlier studies showed that the experienced financial problems concurrently predicted psychological distress 53. 22 Also, some other previous studies have found strong association between psychosocial stressors and mental disorders 32 In a longitudinal study, Stanfeld et al. studied 7977 individuals and concluded that the higher score of stress was correlated to low social support, in men (OR = 1.31) and women (OR = 1.17) while controlling for stress score at the baseline, age, and place of work 23.

This may be related to different Iranian cultural aspects that people are more sensitive to familial and social (engagement) relationships. -axis shows the corresponding perceived stress score. Figure 1 illustrates the estimated conditional distributions of perceived stress, giving all considered predictors.

However, people who were at 9-12 and >12 of educational attainments, at higher quantiles, tend to be similarly affected by stressors but less than illiterate people. ). Education was negatively (OR < 1, see Table 2 ) associated with perceived stress score. Table 2: Estimated logistic quantile regression coefficients (OR (95%CI)) for perceived stress.

Also, for each continuous covariate, these point estimates may be interpreted as the impact of a one-unit change of the covariate on the specific quantile of perceived stress score holding other covariates fixed. Majority of the participants were in medium level of economic status. Age, gender, marital status (married/single), educational level (illiterate, 1-8, 9-12, and >12 years of formal schooling), type of job, income level, place of residence, and smoking habits were other variables that included in statistical modeling.

Participants reported their frequency of consumption of a given serving of each food item during the previous year on a daily (e.g., bread), weekly (e.g., rice, meat), or monthly (e.g., fish) basis. A self-administered 56-item food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) was applied to obtain information on dietary fruit and vegetable intake for each participant. In this cross-sectional study design, the used data were parts of the information collected in sixth phase of Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) in 2009.

However, it has been implied that the resulting estimates of various effects on the conditional mean of stress were not necessarily indicative of the size and nature of these effects on the entire of perceived stress distribution. Previous studies have not had sufficient statistical power to address comprehensively major causes and risk factors affecting the perceived stress among general population. Results of few earlier studies showed that stress was a prevalent disorder among Iranian general population 36 , 37 The sources of stress need to be examined in order to develop strategies for reducing stress and increasing satisfactory among general public.

Educational level creates differences between people in terms of access to information and the level of proficiency in benefiting from new knowledge. Perceived stress is a dynamic multidimensional concept, with a wide spectrum of causative and conducive factors. Also, higher levels of physical activity were associated with perception of low levels of stress.

This model provides empirical evidence of the predictors’ effects heterogeneity depending on individual location on the distribution of perceived stress. Copyright © 2012 Awat Feizi et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. 2Mental Health Department, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.

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